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The workshop started Wednesday afternoon at St. Erik Eye Hospital with the traditional eye tracking methods lecture by Kenneth Holmqvist. This was followed by a get-together party at the adjacent Bernadotte Laboratories. The plenary sessions were held at Karolinska Institutet on Thursday and Friday. Exhibits and posters were on display outside the lecture hall.


Wednesday May 2nd

16:00 Eye tracking methods lecture by Kenneth Holmqvist
Venue: St. Erik Eye Hospital
18:00 Get-together party
Venue: The Bernadotte Laboratories

Thursday May 3rd

08.30 Registration
Venue: Karolinska Institutet
09:00 Introductions

Tony Pansell and Gustaf Öqvist Seimyr

09:10 Invited keynote

Eye and thou: Eye movements and social cognition

Dr. Daniel C. Richardsson

09:50 Presentation of exhibitors
10:10 Coffee / Refreshments
10:40 Oral presentation session

Moderator: Zoï Kapoula

Do as eye say: the interaction between gaze cues and language specificity in social interaction

Ross G. Macdonald and Benjamin W. Tatler

Individual differences in speech-driven gaze patterns in the visual world task

David Braze, Anuenue Kukona, Whitney Tabor, James Magnuson, Einar Mencl, Sergey Kornilov, Julie Van Dyke, Clinton Johns, and Donald Shankweiler

Shedding light on the functionality of the looking at nothing-phenomenon for memory retrieval

Agnes Scholz, Katja Mehlhorn, and Josef F. Krems

Eye movements to “nothing” have an active role when arrangements of objects are retrieved from memory

Roger Johansson, Mikael Johansson, Jana Holsanova, Richard Dewhurst, and Kenneth Holmqvist

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Oral presentation session

Moderator: Kenneth Holmqvist

Familiarity and preference formation during the choice process

Poja Shams, Erik Wästlund, and Anders Gustafsson

Attention and memory for explicit and implicit print advertisements

Jaana Simola, Sanna Korpela, Markus Kivikangas, and Christina M. Krause

Mobile eye tracking glasses reveal stages of visual search in the supermarket

Arnd Rose and Stefanie Gehrke

Central fixation bias in the real world? Evidence from the supermarket

Kerstin Gidlöf, Kenneth Holmqvist, and Annika Wallin

14:20 Coffee / Refreshments
14:50 Oral presentation session

Moderator: Jan Ygge

Top-down and bottom-up influences on viewing behavior in diagnostic radiology

Ellen M. Kok, Anique B. H. de Bruin, Simon G. F. Robben, and Jeroen J. G. van Merriënboer

Eye movement patterns as a reflection of expert behavior in viewing dynamic medical images

Raymond Bertram, Laura Helle, Johanna Kaakinen, and Erkki Svedström

Aquiring, analyzing and visualizing volumetric gaze data from radiologists interpreting chest computed tomography

Martin Tall, Justus Roos, Kingshuk Choudhury, Sandy Napel, and Geoffrey D. Rubin

15:50 Coffee / Refreshments
16:20 Oral presentation session

Moderator: Gunnar Lennerstrand

Real-time parallax error compensation in head-mounted eye trackers

Diako Mardanbegi and Dan Witzner Hansen

Accuracy of fast, post-saccadic eye movements recorded with pupil-based eye trackers is influenced by relative motion between the pupil and the iris

Marcus Nyström, Ignace Hooge, and Kenneth Holmqvist

The effect of task difficulty on eye movement sequences in multiple dimensions

Richard Dewhurst, Marcus Nyström, Halszka Jarodzka, Tom Foulsham, Roger Johansson, and Kenneth Holmqvist

17:30 Conference dinner
Venue: Tobii Technology Headquarters

Friday May 4th

08.30 Morning coffee
Venue: Karolinska Institutet
09:00 Poster presentation session

Evaluation of user preferences during reading of 2D and 3D cartographic visualizations

Popelka Stanislav, Brychtova Alzbeta, and Jan Brus

Visualisation of elevation information on maps: An eye movement study

Katja Irvankoski, Jari Torniainen, and Christina M. Krause

Neural correlates of oculomotor, low-level and high-level processes during free viewing of natural scenes

Jari Torniainen, Jaana Simola, Kenneth Holmqvist, Jyrki P. Mäkelä, and Christina M. Krause

Relation between motion perception and gaze direction. Evidence from VOG eye tracking

Mariagrazia Benassi, G. Baroni, L. Lugli, R. Bolzani, and R. Nicoletti

Gaze evaluation of the St. Erik Eye Hospital web page

Mårten Angner and Camilla Landin

Text comprehension during noise exposure: Effects on eye movements, galvanic skin responses and subjective performance

Alexander Strukelj, Nils Holmberg, Paulina Lindström, Frans Mossberg, Jonas Brännström, and Kenneth Holmqvist

Translog-II: A program for recording user activity data for empirical reading and writing research

Michael Carl

Othello against Duchenne – Where do we look and how good are we in detecting fake versus real smile

Nina Chrobot, Natalia Jermakow, Marcin Szulzycki

Viewing emotional images: evidence from simultaneous EEG- and eye movement recording

Mona Moisala, Jaana Simola, Jari Torniainen, Markus Kivikangas, and Christina Krause

Eye tracking interface design for controlling a mobile robot

Muhammad Asghar Jan

SMI eye-tracking device for control of map application by sight

Rostislav Nétek and Jan Brus

10:15 Invited keynote

Saccade vergence eye movements: Development, aging, and dysfunction

Zoï Kapoula

10:55 Short break
11:00 Oral presentation session

Moderator: David Braze

Language learning and gaze in text-based interaction

Therese Örnberg Berglund

How a picture can foster comprehension of text: Evidence for scaffolding

Alexander Eitel, Katharina Scheiter, Anne Schüler, Marcus Nyström, and Kenneth Holmqvist

Studying viewing and learning behavior in video with an eye tracker

Jelle de Boer

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Oral presentation session

Moderator: Daniel C. Richardsson

How do university students solve problems in vector calculus? Evidence from eye tracking

Magnus Ögren and Marcus Nyström

High quality bicycle tracks result in more efficient visual search patterns during cycling

Pieter Vansteenkiste, Greet Cardon, Renaat Philippaerts, and Matthieu Lenoir

The effect of display glare on eye movements when reading

Susanne Glimne, Rune Brautaset, and Gustaf Öqvist Seimyr

14:00 Coffee / Refreshments

Plenary discussion

Academic and Industrial Perspectives on Eye Tracking Standardization

Tobii Technology:

Is this the best system in the world or is it just a tribute? Relating eye tracker specifications with performance

Ricardo Matos

Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI):

Issues when using eye tracking in traffic safety research

Christer Ahlström, Tania Dukic, Carina Fors, Katja Kircher, Anna Anund, Christopher Patten, Birgitta Thorslund, Arne Nåbo, Inger Forsberg, David Sandberg

Communication by Gaze Interaction (COGAIN):

Eye tracker data quality: The international standardization initiative

Fiona Mulvey and Kenneth Holmqvist

16:00 Concluding remarks

Tony Pansell and Gustaf Öqvist Seimyr